Lister x Great Eastern Merchandise Sourcing

Lister x Great Eastern Merchandise Sourcing

Client from Great Eastern required Lister Merchandise Sourcing Department to source an urgent pack of assortment to be distributed to their clients. 

Based on the budget given by our client, we personalised a customized tote bag, birthday card and a carepack that will be handed out to our clients prestige customers for 2022.

They include Retsil carepack

1. Retsil Steam Eye Mask - https://www.lister.com.sg/products/retsil-premium-steam-warm-eye-mask-eye-steam-home-spa

2. Retsil Mozzie Laundry Pod - https://www.lister.com.sg/products/4in1-with-free-mosquito-plug-repellent-usa-formula-anti-mosquito-pod-retsil-laundry-capsule-aroma

3. Retsil Mozzie Patch - https://www.lister.com.sg/products/free-mosquito-repellent-plug-and-fan-l-100-organic-deet-free-retsil-mosquito-patch-

4. UV Sterilize Box - https://www.lister.com.sg/products/retsil-portable-multi-function-disinfection-sterilizer-uv-led-lamp

retsil collection.jpg

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