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Free Mosquito Repellent Plug And Fan l | 100% Organic | Deet Free | Retsil Mosquito Patch |

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Made in Korea.

Our Mozzie Patch contain no chemica, no pesticide & No Deet and the smell is 30% less acidic compared to other brand.

Extremely friendly to kids and parent who are sensitive to strong acidic smell from other brand

100% Natural | 100% Organic | Deet Free | Retsil Mosquito Patch | Safe For Newborn

Manufacture Date :  15th Sep 2021
Best Before : 15 Sep 2023

Product Descriptions:
Retsil Mozzie patch has been tested to work in all types of indoor and outdoor conditions. Just stick one patch of repellent on the cloth and the sticker remains effective for 6 hours, keeping the baby safe from mosquito bites. The patch is effective, natural and safe for everyone. It is DEET free without any trace of harmful insecticides or pesticides.

- Made in Korea
- Manufacture Date : 15th Sep 2021 Best Before : 15 Sep 2023
- Natural active ingredient: Lemon Grass + Euca Scent
- The main component of this patch is Lemon grass oil which is a renowned plant based insect repellant. It works by emitting a distinctive odor which confuse the mosquito and makes it difficult for the mosquitoes to track the human body.
- Retsil Patch uses all-natural ingredients with no synthetic fragrances or any harmful chemicals. Its safe for Babies & Pregnant Women and is suitable for outdoor and indoor use.
- Up to 6 hours | No Deets |
- 6 Patches per pack
- Re-sealable

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