Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Massage Gun?

  • A Massage Gun is a professional grade percussive therapy device ideal to aid in the recovery of athletes, therapists and anyone else who suffers from injuries or muscle aches. Made for professional and personal use, Lister Massage Guns is a sure investment towards your body, to be implemented in your daily recovery routine.

Why use a Massage Gun?

  • Vibration and percussion help bypass the body’s pain signals and provide a deep massage, which in turn reduces muscle and joint pain, improves mobility and relieves muscle fatigue and soreness, recovering faster as a result. 

When should I use a Massage Gun?

  • Use the massage gun before physical activity to warm-up, during and after to recover faster and stay pain free.

What benefits does a Massage Gun provides?

  • Massage Guns are designed and engineered to treat sore lactic acid-filled muscles and release tight joints. The deep muscle stimulation provided by massage gun therapy can deliver all of the following benefits:

    • Ease soft tissue pain

    • Release lactic acid

    • Accelerate muscle recovery

    • Stimulate muscle growth

    • Improve blood circulation

    • Enhance range of motion quickly

    • Gentle muscle stretch

    • Improve muscle responsiveness

Are the Massage Guns really that quiet?

  • Yes, it absolutely is. We have massage guns that start with only 28 decibels so you will have no problem watching TV, talking or even being in the library with your Lister Massage Guns.  

How much pressure can I assert with the Massage Gun?

  • Our massage guns are made to perform. You will have no trouble applying high levels of pressure during sessions, they are built for the pressure!

What should I look for when buying a Massage Gun?

  1. AMPLITUDE. Amplitude refers to the distance of the massage gun head travelling as it pushes into your body. The higher the amplitude, the stronger the massage gun, the deeper the gun can dig into the muscle of your body. 

  2. NOISE LEVEL. Nobody can relax using a noisy recovery device—that’s for sure. Some massage guns can be uncomfortably loud. A quiet gun allows you to converse with other people or watch TV even while you're using it. You can use it in the office, at the gym, or at home late at night without disturbing other people. Our T-Deluxe Massage Gun is only 28 decibels, one of the softest massage guns in the market.

  3. PORTABILITY. One of the main selling points of massage guns is being portable. Lister Massage Guns can be adapted if you plan to bring it regularly at the gym or any outdoor venue. Our massage guns come with its own case which can also store the massage gun heads and charger. This allows you to carry it around easily. 

  4. BATTERY LIFE. The average battery life of a massage gun is two to three hours; however, Lister Massage Guns have battery life ranging from two to five hours. This allows you to worry less about charging have it ready anytime you need it

  5. WARRANTY. Massage guns are high-value investments which are why the warranty is crucial during your purchase. Our warranty varies for different products, but we have warranties ranging from 1 year to 3 years when you purchase your massage guns. Check out our warranty page to see more details. We want to assure you that the product you’re paying for is of the best quality and we always put the customer first.

Are Massage Guns worth it?

  • Massage guns are definitely an asset to your fitness arsenal. It’s more than just a sports recovery device. Its benefits also extend to the other areas of your overall wellness. Being a handy device is also a bonus. It’s like having a personal therapist anywhere you go sans the fee. But of course, nothing still beats the natural ways to recover and stay in good shape. Eat healthy. Take time to rest. Listen to your body. No tool or equipment can ever replace the small repeated actions that you do to take care of your body.
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