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Lister English Mode Cervical Intelligent Neck Massager (Up To 1 Years Warranty)

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Up To 1 Years Warranty - LISTER® English Mode Cervical Intelligent Neck Massager

1. Weight - 156.5g
2. Lithium Battery - 1500mah
3. Charging Time -1 Hour
4. Usage Time - 4 Hours
5. Massage Mode - 5 Electricity Modes - | Tapping, Scrape, Acupuncture, Massage, Auto |
6 .Intensity Level - From 1 - 16
7. Voice Language - English 
8. Manual Guide - English 
9. Cable - Charging Cable Included 
10. Heat Mode - 3 Different Mode | On, Low, High |
11. Heat Temperature - 35 - 45 Degree
12.1 Year Warranty

CHRONIC NECK PAIN RELIEF – It is an intelligent and smart solution to your neck pain. It is a portable smart neck massager for your neck and provides quick relief from neck soreness, neck muscle tension, and shoulder tiredness. It is an intelligent neck relaxer that promotes blood circulation and improves sleep quality by reducing stress and tension.

SMART NECK MASSAGE WITH WARM COMPRESS – This is a perfect neck massager for men and women of all ages. It uses the warm compress technique to provide relief and has smart sensors to keep its temperature constant thus preventing overheating. It is a perfect device to relax your neck and provide relief
SOFT SILICONE FOR COMFORTABLE FIT – Along with a soft silicone material, the portable smart neck massager has an ergonomic design with a high-elastic frame that shapes itself around your neck to provide a comfortable fit around your neck.

STYLISH ACCESSORY FOR NECK – Its lightweight body of 160g makes the massager perfect for enjoying a relaxing neck massage on-the-go. Its stylish cordless headphone like design makes it a smart neck massager that can be worn during workouts, commute, or in a work environment.

QUICK CHARGING WITH LONG BATTERY LIFE- Its large battery capacity provides you with a relaxing experience for long hours. It provides 4 hours of massage after a full charge. Its micro USB connector lets you charge the device using power banks or mobile phone adaptors to enjoy a relaxing massage anywhere, anytime.

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