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Lister Organic Natural Sobakawa Buckwheat Sleeping Pillow

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Main difference in LISTER Natural Buckwheat AND Organic Superior Tartary Buckwheat is in the shape which affects your neck and shoulder muscle when you sleep.

The shape of Organic Superior Tartary Buckwheat is designed in a way that helps to stretch the muscle around the neck and shoulder. This helps to relieve your muscle strain when you wake up - the effect is as if you are stretching and lengthening your neck when you are sleeping.
For first time user - 
1. The pillow is smaller than your usual size.

2. This pillow is quite hard, unlike the convention mattress pillow where your neck will sink when you lie on it. This is mainly the reason why your neck and shoulder will feel pain when you wake up. LISTER Organic Superior Tartary Buckwheat will hold and support your neck firmly even at areas that normal pillow cannot reach. Our pillow will provide full support by aligning your spine when sleeping on your side, back or any angle.

3. Its normal to find it hard to sleep for the first week and some users will experience pain, that's because your neck is being stretched and lengthened by LISTER Organic Superior Tartary Buckwheat. It usually takes 2-7 days depending on users neck condition to be fully stretched and lengthened. 

A buckwheat pillow, otherwise known as a Sobakawa, is a traditional Japanese pillow filled with the hulls that encase buckwheat seeds. They are springy under compression but provide a firm, contouring support that supports proper rest of your head and neck positioning.

Because they claim to ease tension and strain through spinal alignment, they have become popular sleep support aides for anyone looking for a good night’s rest. As with many types of pillows, not all buckwheat pillows are created equal. Our LISTER® Buckwheat pillow is a particularly well-reviewed option that gets extra credit on account of its use of organic buckwheat filling.

All buckwheat are organic and natural
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